BrentzDolz 8″ Action Figures

This page is dedicated to BrentzDols. Before I put Brent’s company info in here, I wanted to do a little of my own bio about Brent: I have known Brent back through numerous Mego toy groups since 1997. Brent’s collection was INCREDIBLY vast and he is one of the original Levy email list members. He is nothing short of a gentleman, great toy collector, fountain of Mego and related toy information and friend! Now let me post Brent’s own words about the history of BrentzDols: a BADASS toy making company! and yes, they ARE for sale!!! (Facebook: Brent Sorensen)

BrentzDolz Started in 2020 right at the start of the pandemic. Almost 10 years ago I had dabbled in making some figures. I did a few sets of I was a Teenage Frankenstein and I was a Teenage werewolf figures and made a few replicas of the rare Cashaan figure. In February of 2019 I sold my hotel I had owned for 12 years and was planning to retire. For about a year I did nothing every day and really enjoyed it, but then started to get a little bored in the meantime I had made a plan to sell off aobu

t ½ of my 20 years toy collection. During that sell off I sold my rare set of Astro Ape and Tomland figures After the sale I was regretting their absence and I decided I would try to make reproductions of them. I watched videos on making molds and hand casting heads The first 4 figures I decided to reproduce were the 4 rare Tomland Star Raider figures Dral Ah Yick and Ah I had some help from Martin Cage of Distinctive Dummies made me the Dral suits and painted some of the heads, the rest of the clothes and bodies I used various parts from FTC. My daughter Rachel and I painted some, and Ray Flores painted the rest for me Greg Jensen reproduced and reversed the Tomland star Rasiders Card art for me to fit in the newer type clamshell cases I made 5 sets, one to keep and 4 sets to sell. After those went pretty well I decided the next to reproduce were the 6 Lincoln International Monsters The frst ones were all done by making rubber rmolds and hand casting the heads I have since switched to 3D printing the heads and hands and various accessories needed to complete the figures. I have the help of many talented people and this has been a global effort to produce these figures. I get my inspiration from toys I mostly could not afford to buy when I was a kid in 1970’s one and half years later ive done 77 figures so far with 6 or 7 in the works at any one time. Couldn’t do any of this without the help of the following people:

Martin Cage printing and painting heads, helping get 3d files ready and a million other things

Ray Flores Painting heads

Greg Jensen: Card Art design

Anthony Durso: Card and Box art design

Ali Alhamed 3D Sculpting

Echaminya Mbarani: 3D Sculpting

Ron Gearing: head painting

Chad Gordy: Head design and 3D printing help

David Scouthern: Head casting

David Lady: Head Painting

Laura Lady : Hair applications

Austin Hough: Head castings

Time Machine: Joe box reproductions

Figures toy Company: Parts bodies and clothes

Mego Corp Parts Bodies and clothes

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David Alexander
David Alexander
1 year ago

The custom Pulsar and Hypnos figures look fantastic.

1 year ago

Awesome figures. I’ve got blacula and Batman Halloween costume.