The Joy of the Toy, and Sharing is Caring!

My first attempt at this was back in 1997 when I created “The Collectible Action Figures Gallery” ( and showcased tons of knockoff and obscure action figure lines with thousands of action figures. It ran for many years before I left the collecting world and came back to start again. That site was built with contributions from MANY collectors from all over the world. Credit was issued for each submission. Although the site was crude at first, it developed over time into a leaner site with better graphics and navigation once I handed it over to a friend to put his creative talent to it. Unfortunately, I am no web designer and suffer from the ability to create what I need sometimes in digital format. However, the site will be built for the love of toys and the collecting of them. That old toy that you wanted or had as a child and you forgot about, I hope you find here to jog and open that part of your locked subconscious that has hidden away those gems of memory that made you happy when you were younger. This page is dedicated to all of you who collect one thing or another as it fulfills a gap and brings to the forefront the past from your youth. This page is far from a single person/single handed effort. It will be the accumulation of information, photos, videos and more from everyone who offers their support. I was hesitant to try and rebuild a site that I did years ago. Time and priorities change, but for those of you who have been egging me on to do it, you finally convinced me! I hope you all enjoy this site as much as I do and I encourage you to use it and submit info and pictures! There are no narcissistic toy mongrel dictators here trying to tell you how to collect or showboating to be “number one toy collector”. It’s a gathering of known friends and those we are yet to meet! Special thanks to a TON of people!! If I miss you in this list, forgive me as I don’t have the memory I once did but I will update it!!: David Gunn, Chris & Carl, Brian Sanchez, Danny G(ates), JS StarBuk, Tony May, David BRUCE LEE’S GRANDFATHER Lee, Jason Schiermeyer, Johnnie MIB MASTER Shedrick, Alan Laurence, ABMAC, Ray MONSTER MASTER Castille, Aleksander Jeftic, Dan Samilo, Shayne FOURTH DOCTOR Byrd, Heath I HAVE ALL THE HARD TO FIND SHIT Smith, Martin IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY Sar, Scott RANDOM NOIR Pierce, Ed Sam Noir, Scott EXCLUSIVE Arendsen, Tony KIAI Schwally …(more to list!)…oh yes, and of course, thanks to you Nworb and the The Man Who Knows Everything for motivating the King of Knockoffs to get back in the game again. There’s always room for all in a a collector’s world!. We get props from even those that don’t like us… 😉 PEACE B’s!!!

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