MyMegoLike.com: The Original Mego Knockoff Archive

This page is dedicated to all of the toy companies from our youth that made action figures and action figure related items that brought the very joy to our hearts! If you can remember that one toy (or toys) that brought a smile to your face and you played with it until it fell apart and your mom threw it out, well then you have come to the right place! This page specializes in knockoff figures from the 1960s and forward, with a primary focus in the 70s-90s. Instituted in 1997 and retired almost 10 years ago, it was time to recreate this page and add more content due to pressure by fellow collectors and friends and the need for a place where collectors could enjoy their collections openly. This site is a collection of information from many collectors and friends who have returned to their past through the collection of childhood toys. Thank you to everyone who has, does and continues to contribute for the benefit of others. Egos can be left at the door as we are here to ENJOY THE TOY and EVERYONE’s input is valuable!

– Lou Melograna